Berndt Lindholm. My actual research project concerns the Finnish landscape painter Berndt Lindholm (see more under the button on the right side)


My research on the Finnish architect Gustaf Nyström (1856–1917) is newly published in Finland (Arvorakennusten arkkitehti. Gustaf Nyström suunnittelijana ja opettajana. PARVS 2020. ISBN 978-952-7226-64-3). 

Nyström was the among the leading Finnish architects among of his generation, and his works remains widely acclaimed to this day. The most known works of him in Helsinki are e.g. The House of the Estates, the National Archives and the old market hall. The new biography takes a fresh look at Nyström’s lifetime achievements and offers insightful new perspectives on the history of Finnish architecture.

The newest publication of the Viipurin Suomalainen Kirjallisuusseura [The Finnish Literature Society of Vyborg] was published in March 2020. It contains also my article on Gustaf Nyström and his bank buildings in Viborg.




The latest Yearbook  of the Kalevala-Society (Eurooppa, Suomi, Kalevala. Mikä mahdollisti Kalevalan?, Vol 98, 2019) includes my article on Johan Reinhold Bergstad (1820–1850). Bergstad worked as M. A. Castrén’s assistant by his linguistic research journey in Siberia 1845–1846. In the yearbook is also published my Finnish translation of Bergstad’s travel journal, which was originally handwritten in Swedish.